What Is An Interventional Procedure?

An Interventional imaging procedure is a specialised procedure that uses some form of imaging to guide a needle, or the like, into a specific location in the body.

Are All Procedures Done At All Sites?

Due to the specific requirements of some procedures not all procedures can be done at all sites. To find out where your procedure can be performed please contact our nearest office. They will then direct where best to have your interventional study done.

Who Performes The Inteventional Procedure?

Your interventional procedure will performed by a team of staff led by the Radiologist (a medical doctor with specialist credentialing and qualifications from the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Radiologists – RANZCR). Along with a Radiologist a Radiographer and sometimes a Radiology Nurse will be present to assist with the medical imaging and interventional equipment.

Are There Any Effects Or Risks With Your Procedure?

There are effects or risks when undergoing any medical procedure.  These will be explained to you by the radiology team prior to your procedure in order that you can make a clear decision as to whether or not to undertake the procedure.

Further Questions

Should you have any further questions please feel free to contact out Reception who will refer you to Technical staff to assist with your queries.