Liver Elastography Assessments

Liver Elastography

Goulburn Valley Imaging now offers Liver Elastography Assessments.

Liver elastography assessments are specialised, non-invasive scans that can diagnose and help guide treatment options people with chronic liver diseases. In many cases, liver elastography can a good alternative for patients who want to avoid undergoing a conventional liver biopsy.

Chronic liver disorders are a major health problem for many Australians. Common causes include; viral hepatitis (Hepatitis B or Hepatitis C), non-alcoholic or alcoholic fatty liver disease, autoimmune hepatitis, drug-induced liver injury, trauma and toxins.

When the liver is damaged, tough fibrous scar tissue forms, making the liver stiff. Thanks to our new Liver Elastography technology, liver stiffness samples can be acquired during an ultrasound examination of the liver. Liver Elastography can also be used to monitor progression, stabilisation or regression of the liver in patients with chronic liver disease.


  • Non-invasive: Ultrasound guided, reproducible, and safe
  • Faster: Assessments take less than 15 minutes
  • Cheaper: Liver elastography costs less than a traditional liver biopsy

Liver Elastography assessments require a referral from your GP. If you have further questions, contact Kristy Thomas at Goulburn Valley Imaging Group on 03 5821 6566.